Our Favorite Router

Associate your devices without the cerebral pain. 

We spent more than 20 hours delving into legitimate tech sources, talking with industry specialists, looking over 1,500 clients, and specifically testing 14 finalists to present to you the best remote switch. 

Best Overall: ASUS RTAC68U 

Remote switches won't not be the sexiest devices, but rather let's be honest: You require a decent one. Regardless of whether you work from a home office or have a huge family with a gathering of PCs, tablets, and cell phones, you require this basic piece of your home-tech setup to have a quick, solid web association. 

It's anything but difficult to tell whether a switch is serving your needs. Possibly you're ready to load sites rapidly and easily, or you're prepared to haul your hair out over the languid association. What's more, between all the tech-talk and the comprehensive arrangements of specs, it practically requires master level learning to limit the pursuit down to one incredible switch. 

Depending on a strong WiFi association, we've encountered the distress of a below average association. To disentangle the shopping procedure, we did our examination by taking a gander at the remote switches as of now available, perusing tech productions, studying purchaser surveys, and conversing with specialists in the field to help locate the best general models. 

In the wake of narrowing down a gigantic rundown of right around 40 items and hours of speed testing later, the ASUS RTAC68U was the unmistakable top pick, on account of its extremely solid remote range and speed, for a sensible value point. 

After my underlying exploration, we had a rundown of almost 40 remote switches. To whittle that number down, we looked at the items' survey scores crosswise over shopper locales and tech productions. Since clients on destinations like Amazon have a wide assortment of home setups, we organized appraisals on CNET and comparable distributions that test each item's range from similar separations and measure speed utilizing similar benchmarks each time. 

Subsequent to wiping out the switches with the least total evaluations, we invested energy in more specific systems administration destinations, including SmallNetBuilder. We perceived how every one of the switches performed in broad remote execution testing, including measuring download and transfer speeds and additionally to what extent it took to exchange documents of different sizes. This limited the rundown significantly further to incorporate just the speediest models. In the long run, we wound up with 14 items deserving of top to bottom testing. 

I live in Queens, and things being what they are my loft in midtown is an extraordinary place to put a remote switch through its paces. Not exclusively are there a lot of different switches utilizing similar frequencies in this thickly populated neighborhood, additionally my condo's thick solid dividers enabled us to stretch a switch's range as far as possible. We utilized Speedtest.net to test every switch's execution from different separations, beginning from eight feet away and going similarly as over the road from my flat working (around 50 feet). 

Not everybody has a degree in IT. Because of that, we concentrated on switches that don't require a huge amount of particular learning. This one in particular was fairly simple to admin via (not our prefer Since we was on a journey to locate the best general remote switch, we didn't organize more propelled elements, for example, bolster for option firmware like DD-WRT.